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Top Tips to Surviving a Move While Changing Jobs or Schools

You’re ready to hit the open road and discover a new school or career. This time period is full of anticipation, excitement and fun. It’s also a stressful journey. Make a long distance move the best move by following these expert tips to surviving a move while changing jobs or schools. Low price long distance movers can be your smartest tools for a smooth transition.

1. Inquire About Relocation Perks

First on the list of tips to surviving a move is ask your employer about relocation benefits offered at the corporate level. Paying for the best state to state movers shouldn’t come entirely from your pocket. 

Some of these benefits include:

• Long distance moving quotes and fees

• Utility startups

• Wear-and-tear on your personal vehicles

Your move can be much easier with some financial help from the company. Hold onto your receipts so that any expense reports are a breeze to fill out.

Keep in mind that school transitions aren’t covered by an employer. It’s essential to budget for this transition on your own.

2. Seek Out Temporary Housing

It’s nearly impossible to understand a neighborhood’s culture without spending considerable time in the area first. Picking the wrong neighborhood will only make a long distance move more stressful.

Don’t randomly pick a neighborhood to permanently live in. Find temporary housing in an area that you believe will be attractive. State to state movers can help you move into a residential hotel or rental apartment, for example. Take advantage of the temporary housing by exploring the neighborhood. You’ll know where to buy or rent in the future as a result.

A school’s housing is always temporary so this move is much easier to gauge than others. Simply enjoy the dormitories that are allocated to your student’s account.

3. Research and Pick the Perfect Movers

Perhaps the most important of tips to surviving a move is contact at least three different cross country moving professionals. You need these long distance moving quotes for comparison purposes. Keep in mind that every company has its own specialty. They might move either short or long distances, for example. Most companies cannot specialize in both types because their vehicles and crew will be organized around a particular niche.

Ask the low price long distance movers about their pricing and experience. You want a mixture of expertise and reasonable pricing. Don’t choose the company based solely on the price. Setbacks might plague the move.

4. Be Aware of Peak Periods

If you have a choice, such as during a job transition, make it your move when the summer peak season is over. The best state to state movers will have premium pricing at that time. Opt for any of the other seasons for a job transition, especially when mild weather prevails. You will ultimately save money.

Schools typically start around August or September so you won’t have much of a choice when it comes to avoiding the peak moving season. Be patient, and hire state to state movers as soon as you can. Negotiating a price is still possible.

5. Schedule Accordingly

When you contact moving out of state companies, they’ll give you a solid date for the transition. You may know the schedule off the top of your head, but your employer remains in the dark. Be sure to communicate with your supervisor about important days for the move. Most companies can arrange for time off in these cases so that your work is covered while you attend to personal matters.

When it comes to college move-in days, there’s no wiggle room on the dates. Make it your move by letting loved ones and employers know that a move-in day is approaching. An appropriate schedule can be created as a result of these dates.

6. Pack Away Those Personal Items

Out of state moving services can include transitions into storage facilities. You don’t want to move every item into your college space or temporary housing. The essentials are only necessary.

Request for some of your belongings to be stacked in a storage unit. Affordable state to state movers can complete this work with your supervision. Simply indicate which items need to be easily accessible. All of your core items can then be brought to your temporary housing for immediate unloading.

7. Communicate With Your Movers

Be sure to keep in close contact with your cheap state to state movers. In time, you’ll find a home that fits your needs. Temporary housing should only last for a few months. Your employer may have a limit on the benefits too.

Moving out of state companies can then return and move your items. This same scenario works for college students too. Move from the dorm and into an apartment during the summer. All of your belongings can be moved with ease when you have an appointment with the movers.

8. Avoid the Shortcuts

After your move into temporary housing, take your time with the property search. There’s no hurry to rent or buy. Cheap state to state movers will always be available to service your needs when the time is right.

Explore the local neighborhoods and speak to the residents. Discover the culture that’s inherent to the area. You’ll make an educated decision on your permanent housing in the end.

9. Be Ready for the Next Property

Finally, the last on the list of tips to surviving a move is be ready for the next property. The time to move your items from storage or college is now. Remember to prepare for the final move by looking at the property. Make a note of any challenging areas, such as stairwells that must accommodate your grand piano.

Contact your long distance move experts well before the moving day. Because they moved you into your temporary location, they’re familiar with those properties. These affordable state to state movers can now finalize your transition by learning about the new property. There won’t be any surprises because the movers know you, the belongings and requirements for the last move.

Out of state moving services depend on your referrals for a successful year. Advertise your excitement about a company if they performed above your expectations. There will always be someone who’s looking for cross country moving services. Pay the positivity forward by reviewing the movers and generously tipping them after the service.

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